Newton Key, Professor of History

London from Primrose Hill 2009

Primrose Hill, London (Stones on the same hill, colder day)

Newton Key
History Dept.
600 Lincoln
Eastern Illinois University
Charleston, IL 61920

email: nekey at
office: 3725 Coleman Hall

  • Summary - I've written about imaginary kings, feasting & drinking, preaching & plotting, blogging and digital history, all having to dow with early modern England and Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, including co-authoring a best-selling text, Early Modern England (now revising for 3rd ed.). In past lives I wrote an M.Phil. thesis at Cambridge on Norfolk smuggling, and a PhD dissertation at Cornell on Welsh Marches politics. I have taught at Cornell, Trinity (TX), Harlaxton (UK), and Eastern Illinois (see my vita).
  • Research Interests - I am writing on (1) history as political thought during the Glorious Revolution, (2) the Rye House Plots; (3) aristocratic households in the early modern London cosmopolis (see my vita).
  • Student Supervision Interests - I am directing or have directed M.A. theses and Honors undergraduate research on: Illegitimate children at Charles II's Court, the Henrician Reformation in 17th-century print culture, 18th-century Anglo-American clubbing, the London Irish circa 1798, London and the slave trade circa 1700, London murderesses 1680s-1800, 17th-century popular calendar celebrations, and Restoration York. Contact me if you are interested in studying aspects of the British Isles, 1550-1800 (see my office page & student work). 
  • Teaching interests - I teach undergraduates about the early modern world, early modern England, modern Britain and the British Empire, as well as researching and writing history. I teach graduates about revolutions, early modern society, as well as historiography. I teach both graduates and undergraduates Irish history and London crime & poverty (see my syllabi page).
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