brian beakley

full professor
philosophy department
eastern illinois university
charleston il 61920

office: 3536 coleman hall
phone: (217) 581 3964
email: bbeakley (at) eiu (dot) edu

b.a. philosophy: university of pittsburgh
visiting scientist: mit linguistics
phd. philosophy: suny stony brook

  • philosophy of mind
  • history of psychology
  • linguistics
  • history of philosophy
  • further research interests:
  • logic
  • models of explanation

  • courses taught:
    logical and critical reasoning
    language and human nature
    philosophy of mind
    symbolic logic
    necessity possibility & existence

    note to students:
    class web pages have moved to webct

    philosophy 1900 students taking my "technology delivered" course
    (sections 600 and 601 in summer 2009)
    can click here to get information on the course, and on webct in general

    advice to young philosophers:

    "don't express your ideas too clearly.  most people think little of what they understand, and venerate what they do not.  to be valued, things must be difficult: if they can't understand you, people will think more highly of you.  ...keep them guessing at your meaning, and don't give them a chance to criticize you.  many praise without being able to say why.  they venerate anything hidden or mysterious, and they praise it because they heard it praised."

    -- balthasar gracian, the art of worldy wisdom (trans. christopher maurer)

    this page created  may 25 2001
    last updated may 19 2009

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