FCS 2740

Lodging Operations

Instructor: Dr. Betsy A. Pudliner 

Office: 4321 Klehm Hall 

Phone Number:
 (217) 581-6004 

Class Meeting Time
: T, Th, 9am-10:15am 

Office Hours:
 Tuesday & Thursday: 10:15m-12:15pm; Wednesday, 10-11am

Please note that I may or may not be in my office at other times due to conducting research and service activities. It is best to email, to make an appointment or stop in during regularly scheduled office hours.

Email: Use D2L email to contact.  I will not accept emails to Panthermail unless pemission is given.  Please note no emails will be read or answered after 5pm M-F. I will not be checking my emails on weekends.

Mobile Web Address: http://ux1.eiu.edu/~bpudliner/mobile/classes/2740.html

Course Requirements 
Prerequisite: FCS 2700 

Text Book: 
Professional Front Office Management Robert Woods, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Jack D. Ninemeier, Ph.D., Michigan State University David K. Hayes, Ph.D., Clarion Hotel and Conference Center Michele A. Austin, Clarion Hotel and Conference Center 
ISBN‐10: 0131700693 ISBN‐13: 9780131700697 Publisher: Prentice Hall Copyright: 2007 

Additional Materials 
Simulation Student CD for Professional Front Office Management (FOMS) By David K. Hayes, Allisha A. Miller 
Case Studies will be posted in WebCT course site.

Course Purpose: 
The purpose of this course is to examine hotel and resort rooms’ division management and operating procedures, including front desk, housekeeping operations and guest relations

Course Objectives: 
Describe the organization structure of various lodging properties. 
Describe methods for the front office to establish and maintain effective communications with other departments to ensure guest satisfaction. 
Explain the functions of a property management system. 
Describe the guest cycle, from reservations to checkout. 
Define yield management and describe how lodging properties implement it. 
Perform a night audit. Describe the role of an executive housekeeper 
Identify the steps involved in guest room cleaning. 
Identify techniques that executive housekeepers employ to recruit and motivate the housekeeping staff. 
Develop a maintenance calendar 

Course Policies 
Be in class and be on time. 
Attendance is expected, and homework and/or problems cannot be turned in if you are not here. 
There will be no extensions of assignments unless approved in accordance with Academic Policy. 
Read the chapters before class; I will not read the book to you. 
A schedule is included as part of this syllabus 
Turn off all cell phones and any other noise making devise before coming into class 
Don’t do homework from other classes in this class (this includes reading the newspaper). 
Don’t do homework for this class in other classes either.  
Be respectful of those around you. Do not be a distraction during exams. 
You may work (and will be encouraged to do so) with other students while completing most in class activities 
Be prepared for the case studies. These can be a good learning experience and away to boost grades if everyone is prepared and participates. 
Try to have fun—housekeeping and night audit procedures are not tops on everyone’s fun list, but application of the information will help you be a better manager. 

Course Format: 
Class will consist of lectures, discussion, and other opportunities to demonstrate your mastery of the course material (e.g., tests). It is vital that you attend class and have read the day's assignment so as to participate readily in class discussions. 

Academic Integrity 
It is assumed that students will honor the tradition of academic honesty. Please read the University Policy on Academic Integrity.

These are considered to be serious violations of academic and ethical standards and will be dealt with according to departmental and university policy. 

If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a documented disability, if you have emergency medical information to share with me, or if you need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please notify me as soon as possible. Also contact the Coordinator of the Office of Disability Services at 581-6583 

Course Assessment:
Grading forms are located in your WEbCT course area. You are responsible for your assignments and grades. Student achievement of the stated objectives will be assessed based on the following activities:

2 essay exams, mid-term, final @100 points each 

3 written communications @ 25 pts each

Housekeeping Maintenance schedule 100

In-class activities: Potential 200+

Revenue management/Night Audit Practice Problem (online) 100

Front Office Simulation
Section 1: Revenue Management (50 pts) 
Section 2: Reservation Management (50 pts)
Section 3: Guest Stay Information (50 pts)
Section 4: Guest Departure and Payment (150 pts)
Section 5: Accounting and Financial (200 pts)
Total FOS: 500

Grading Scale:
90-100% A
80-89% B
70-70% C
60-69% D
Below 59% Failing

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