FCS 2784, Sales and Service

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FCS 2784: Hospitality Sales and Service

Instructor: Dr. Betsy A. Pudliner

Office: 4321 Klehm Hall

Phone Number: (217)581-6004

Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday: 10:015am-12:15; Wednesday, 10:00am-11:00am

Email: bpudliner@eiu.edu, email will be only answered M-F, until 5pm.

Class Meeting Time: MWF 2:00-2:50PM

Mobile Website Address: http://ux1.eiu.edu/~bpudliner/mobile/classes/2784.html

Prerequisite: FCS 2700, FCS 2740

Course Purpose: The purpose of this course is to analyze the marketing methods used by sales and service departments in hospitality businesses with an emphasis on selling, planning for, and servicing group meeting and convention business.

Course Objectives:

1. Describe the organization and function of the sales department in different types of hotels

2. Identify trends that affect marketing and sales in the hospitality industry

3. Integrate marketing strategies into a marketing plan

4 .Describe typical market segments and differentiate among their needs

5. Apply sales concepts in role play situations

Course Assessment

Grading forms are included with this syllabus. Student achievement of the stated objectives will be assessed based on the following activities:

Essay Exams 2 @ 100 pts

Written communications 3 @ 50 pts

Doudna Sales Project 100 pts

Marketing Plan 400pts

Sales Presentations 2 @ 50pts

Grading Scale:

90-100% A

80-89% B

70-79% C

60-69% D

59% below Failing

Grading Policy: All assignments are due at the BEGGINNING OF CLASS ON DATE DUE.

This course is writing intensive; written activities include written communication, the marketing plan, and the sales presentations. More than 35% of the final grade is based on written activities.

Course Requirements:

Class will consist of lectures, discussion, and other opportunities to demonstrate your mastery of the course material (e.g., tests). It is vital that you attend class and have read the day's assignment so as to participate readily in class discussions. There will be no extension of assignments unless they are in accordance with University Policy.

Course Textbook:

Text and Supplementary Materials:

Mcneill SELLING HOSPITALITY: A SITUATIONAL APPRO Cengage Learning 978-1-401-83281-4 FCS2784


These are considered to be serious violations of academic and ethical standards and will be dealt with according to departmental and university policy.


If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a documented disability, if you have emergency medical information to share with me, or if you need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please notify me as soon as possible. Also contact the Coordinator of the Office of Disability Services at 581-6583

Copyright ©2011-2013
Betsy A. Pudliner, PhD

Page Three

Tentative Schedule

Changes at the discretion of the instructor

Week Administrative Topics
1 Additional materials and assignments will be handed out and discussed at this time. Introduction, Syllabus The World Dynamic and Introduction to the Business Environment/Sales Department
2   Hospitality Sales Department ; The Marketing Plan
3 WC 1 Due Friday The Marketing Plan/ Technology in the Sales Department
4 Global Etiquette Exercise (in/out class) Global Etiquette and Global Understanding
5 WC 2 Due Friday;  Hospitality Marketing Segments/Segmentation
6 Presentation 1:  Doudna Arts Center ; Mid Term handed out Market Segments/Segmentation(cont.)
7 Mid-Term Due Friday Hospitality Promotional Techniques
8   Hospitality Promotional Techniques(cont.)
9 WC 3 Due Friday Hospitality Sales Techniques
10   Hospitality Sales Techniques
11   Hospitality Sales Techniques
12   The Future
13 Sales Packets Presentations Consumer Trends
14  Thanksgiving Week No Class  
15 Presentations;  Final Exam Handed out, due Finals Week Concluding remarks
16 Presentations  
Copyright ©2011-2013
Betsy A. Pudliner, PhD