john martone poetry projects   


 began in 1987 as an extension of correspondence among poets. Over 100 numbers have appeared, originally in a simple 8.5/11 side-stapled format. During     these fifteen years, the range of formats has grown, but the impulse has remained to provide a meeting place for exiles. The current print form reaches upwards     of     100 correspondents in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, Korea, and Slovenia. Poets represented include Bob Arnold ° Ed Baker ° Michael Basinski °         MJ Bender ° Cid Corman ° Simon Cutts ° Larry Eigner ° Theodore Enslin ° Clive Faust ° Robert Fitterman ° Bob Grumman ° Gary Hotham ° Stefan Hyner °     Karl Kempton ° Robert Lax ° David Levi Strauss ° John Levy ° Rupert Loydell ° Giovanni Malito ° Lissa McLaughlin ° David Miller ° Peter Money ° Barbara     Moraff ° Frank Samperi ° GeorgeQuasha ° F.J. Seligson ° John Vieira ° Phyllis Walsh ° Scott Watson    

In November, 2005, tel-let moved to an online format.    



Theodore Enslin, Recipes and Receipts   

John Vieira, Traversing the Land   
with Ropes   
David Giannini, AZ Two   

Ed Baker, Goodnight   

--- Neighbors   

--- Points/Counterpoints   

Nico Vassilakis, Q... to...Z   

Rosmarie Waldrop, Two Poems   

Rosmarie Waldrop, Clear and Obscure   

Ed Baker, Stone Girl, 3   

Jim Leftwich, Maps 1-5   

Ce Rosenow, Even If   

John Perlman, Samizdat Sanctus   

John Levy, Twelve Poems   
Michael Basinski, Jack Kerouac Said    

Mark Kuniya, Two   

An'ya, For a Moonless Night   
Scott Metz, Lost & Found   

Ed Baker, Stone Girl E-pic, vol. 2   

Ed Baker, Preface to Song of Chin,   

Bob Arnold, CAIRN   

Fred Jeremy Seligson, DRAGONFLY   

Ed Baker, SONG OF CHIN (1970)   
[Acknowledgments & Dedication]   
The Poem   
Fred Jeremy Seligson, FROGGYBOTTOM   
Jim Leftwich, solo & in collaboration with John M. Bennet,    
David Gross, BECAUSE IT IS   

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    archived issues
    from the first series

    Bob Arnold, Dream Come True

    Ed Baker, Full Moon

    Ed Baker, Wild Orchid

    Cid Corman/ Basho,

    So Here You Are

    Cid Corman, The Wang Way

    Theodore Enslin, Keep Sake

    Theodore Enslin, Rock Face

    F.J. Seligson, Apparition

    Lissa McLaughlin, Enough

    George Quasha, Tamashi

    George Quasha, Request Response

    George Quasha, Words Live Beyond Their Saying

    George Quasha, Downright Light, Hear It? [Park Story]

    Karma Tenzing Wangchuk (Dennis Dutton), Clouds Gather & Part: Tanka

    Paul Watsky, More Questions Than Answers

    David Gross, What We Never Had