SECTION 5 - 9:30 TR
SECTION 7 - 11:00 TR

Instructor: Dr. Linda S. Ghent
Phone: 581-6331
Office: 2871 Coleman Hall
Office Hours: 10-12 MW
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At the end of the semester, students should understand:

Required Textbook:

McEachern, William A. Economics: A Contemporary Introduction, 7/e. Thomson Learning, 2006.

Powerpoint slides for the chapters we are using can be found here.

Grades will be determined using a 10-point scale. There will be no "curve". Final grades will be comprised of:

Please note:
If you have a documented disability and wish to receive academic accomodations, please contact me and the Coordinator of Disability Services (581-6583) as soon as possible.

Tutoring by economics graduate students is available. The schedule of times and locations is available here.

1. Homework  
We will have several homework assignments throughout the semester. Homework will be assigned at the end of class. We will use an online homework program (Homework Xpress). You MUST register for this and do all homework online. I will NOT take excuses for late homework. Since we will have many assignments, I will drop your lowest two homework grades in determining your final homework average. If you miss class, it is your responsibility to get a copy of the assignment and complete it by the due date. No late homework will be accepted at any time - no excuses!

To be able to complete homework, you must register throught the Homework Xpress website (if you did not do so last semester). You need to get a registration number from me and then register at Once you register, you will sign up for MY course (using the keycode given to you in class) when you create your own id and password. If you have trouble doing this, see me immediately! You will be responsible for making sure that you are signed up by the time the first homework assignment is due.

2. Exams
All exams will consist of multiple-choice questions. There will be a comprehensive final exam given during the final exam period but students are not required to take it. Instead, students may choose to take this final exam and substitute the score for one of their unit exam scores. If you miss an exam, you must take the comprehensive final exam and use that score in place of the missed exam.

3. Attendance
Regular attendance is necessary for you to understand the material covered in this course. While I will not make attendance an explicit part of your grade, keep in mind that it may be used in determining the final grade for a student whose average is near a borderline.

Course Outline:

I. Review: Basic Material in ECN 2801

A. The Art and Science of Economic Analysis

Key points:

B. Some Tools of Economic Analysis

Chapter 1 (including appendix)
Chapter 2 (pp. 27-31, 38-39)

II. Review: Demand and Supply Analysis

Key points:

Chapter 4

III. Elasticity

Key points:

Chapter 5

IV. Consumer Choice and Demand

Key points:

Chapter 6

Exam 1 - Thursday, February 9th

V. Production and Cost in the Firm

Key points:

Chapter 7

VI. Perfect Competition

Key points:

Chapter 8

Exam 2 - Thursday, March 9th

VII. Monopoly

Key points:

Chapter 9

VIII. Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly

Key points:

Chapter 10

IX. Resource Markets

Key points:

Chapter 11

X. Labor Markets

Key points:

Chapter 12 (pp. 259-270)

Exam 3 - Tuesday, April 25

Final Exam - Monday, May 1st, 8:00-10:00 (section 5 - 9:30)
Final Exam - Wednesday, May 3rd, 10:15-12:15 (section 7 - 11:00)