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Spring 2015 Office Hours: M-Th 10-12, 1-2, and by arrangement

If I am not in my office during scheduled office hours, I am probably just down the hall in the History Department Office. Wait for me or come get me. Also, I will occasionally have to cancel an office hour or two in order to attend committee meetings and the like. E-mail me if that presents a problem. Don't worry: we'll find time to meet. If you have any questions about advising, declaring a history major, what it takes to be certified to teach history and social science in Illinois, what you can do with a history major if you don't want to teach, or anything else concerning your academic career, please feel free to e-mail me or come see me.

Advising Appointments

I will be posting signup sheets soon. Keep an eye out for them. If you wish to see me earlier, come by during office ours, or e-mail me and we can set up an appointment.

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Class Schedule for Spring 2015


Table of Useful Information


General Advising Links

Frequently Asked Questions
Academic Advising Center at Ninth Street Hall
Class Schedule by Semester
Undergraduate Catalog
GPA Calculator
Electronic Writing Portfolio
Financial Aid
International Studies
Community Colleges Transfer Equivalency List
(If you are going to take a summer school class at a community college, make sure you take the right one.)
Commencement Information
Applying to Graduate

Links for the History Major not seeking Teacher Certification

Checklist for the History Major (Effective Fall Semester, 2012. Requires Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.)
Four-Year Curriculum Plan for the History Major (Effective Fall Semester, 2004. Requires Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.)
Career Opportunities for History Majors

The AHA's page on Careers for History Majors
Interested in Working in Museums?
Paid Internships in History

Links for the History with International Studies Major

Checklist for the History with International Studies Major (Effective Fall Semester, 2010. Requires Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.)
Four-Year Curriculum Plan for the History with International Studies Major (Effective Fall Semester, 2010. Requires Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.)
International Studies Office


Teacher Certification Links

Checklist for the History Major with Teacher Licensure in Social Science (Effective Fall Semester, 2014. Requires Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.)
Checklists for Social Science Concentrations: Geography; Political Science; Psychology; Sociology/Anthropology (Effective fall semester, 2013. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)
Illinois State Board of Education
Basic Skills Test Information
(If you intend to seek teaching certification, you need to take this test. If you are transferring to EIU, take it before you begin classes here. It is required for admission to the Teacher Education program, so if you delay taking it you will delay your graduation.)
If you scored a 22 or higher on the ACT (with the writing component) within the last five years, you can substitute that test for the TAP. Please check with the Dean's Office, College of Education and Professional Studies, for further information.
Student Teaching
(If you are interested in student teaching abroad, go here for further information.)
Content Area Test Information (You must pass this test before you will be approved to student teach.)

EIU Teacher Education Information
(Test dates, meeting dates, et cetera.)
Departmental Approval Portfolio (DAP)
(Document is in MS-Word)
DAP Faculty Recommendation Form
SOS 3400 Links
(a work in progress)
How to Obtain Additional Endorsements (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)


The History Department is implementing a program of curricular self-assessment. This means that we want to ascertain if we are really accomplishing our objectives in our curriculum. To this end, we are creating a portfolio for each student. We are asking students to assist us by providing the following 3 items:

1. a source analysis paper from HIS 2560
2. a book review from HIS 3555
3. a research paper from either HIS 2500 or any upper division elective

As students complete these assignments in their classes, they should send a revised copy as an e-mail attachment to:

Dr. Michael Shirley (mshirley@eiu.edu)

Include your name (first and last), the class, the instructor, and the semester for which it was written. Please put "History Assessment Submission" in the subject header.

Eventually, a random selection of these papers will be passed on (without their authors' names) to a committee of faculty in the department who will review them according to departmental rubrics, in order to assess how nearly we are approaching our stated objectives in teaching these classes. We are not assessing individual students in this exercise. We are also not assessing individual faculty. We are attempting to assess our curriculum in order to determine if and how we might improve. We truly appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


Don't miss your own graduation.

Please be aware that there is a deadline for applying to graduate each semester. Miss it, and you'll delay your graduation. You'll find that date, and other requirements of which you should be aware, by clicking on this link . If you are not sure how to apply for graduation, e-mail me. For information about commencement, go here.

Ignore your EIU E-mail account at your own peril.

If you do not use your EIU e-mail account, you will miss out on an increasing number of important announcements from various university offices. Overdue notices, registration announcements, and others will increasingly be sent out only via e-mail, and only to EIU addresses. If you use another e-mail account as your primary account, and only rarely check your EIU e-mail, set your EIU account to forward mail to you. It will save you lot of trouble.