Newton Key, Professor of History & Interim Director of Faculty Development

Newton Key
History Dept.
600 Lincoln
Eastern Illinois University
Charleston, IL 61920

email: nekey at
office: 3725 Coleman Hall (history); 1116 Booth Library (faculty development)
phone: 217.581.7051

  • Summary - I've written about unsuccessful plotters, imaginary kings, feasting & drinking, preaching as politics, preaching as culture, and blogging and digital history. I usually write about early modern England and Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, and co-author a best-selling text, Early Modern England (now revising for 3rd ed.). In past lives I wrote a Cambridge M.Phil. thesis on Norfolk smuggling, and a Cornell PhD dissertation on Welsh Marches politics, and have taught at Cornell, Trinity (TX), and Harlaxton (UK) (see my vita).
  • Research Interests - I am writing on (1) ancient (mythic) history as political thought, (2) plotting and caballing; (3) feasting and sociability in the early modern London cosmopolis (see my vita).
  • Student Supervision Interests - I have directed M.A. theses and Honors undergraduate research on: Illegitimate children at Charles II's Court, the Henrician Reformation in 17th-century print culture, 18th-century Anglo-American clubbing, the London Irish circa 1798, London and the slave trade circa 1700, London murderesses 1680s-1800, 17th-century popular calendar celebrations, and Restoration York. Contact me if you are interested in studying aspects of the British Isles, 1550-1800 (see my office page & student work). 
  • Teaching interests - I teach undergraduates about the early modern world, early modern England, modern Britain and the British Empire, as well as researching and writing history. I teach graduates about revolutions, early modern society, as well as historiography. I teach both graduates and undergraduates Irish history and London crime & poverty (see my syllabi page).
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