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2007 Master List

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2007 Nominee: Mañana Iguana
A colorful story about an Iguana planning a Fiesta, but will his friends help?  The Little Red Hen with a Mexican twist.

Author:  Ann Whitford Paul
Biography and Photo

Illustration by:
Kris Turner
Biography and photo
Book Activities
  • Questions:  Why did Culebra the snake say he could not write the invitations? What does the word mañana mean?  Who delivered the invitations?  Did anyone help Iguana cook the food for the fiesta? Who cleaned up after the fiesta?
  • Guest:  Spanish teacher
  • Research:  Spanish words used around the room and in everyday speech
  • Crafts:  Make a piñata in class.
  • Writing:  Write a summary of the story using new Spanish Vocabulary.
  • Compare:  The Little Red Hen
  • Retell a part of the story: from the point of view of each animal

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