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ECN 5493 students, please find below the links for all the PowerPoint slides you could possibly want.


Those named  “PPT”  are from the Publisher and simply copy various figures and tables from your text.


Those named “ESG”  (Ehrenberg, Smith, & Ghent) are from Dr. Ghent – she wrote them sometime in the previous century, and they only cover the first nine chapters (except for Ch. 7).


Throughout the semester, I’ve been updating the ESG slides.  Stay tuned.



Chapter   1      (PPT1;  ESG1)        Introduction

Chapter   2      (PPT2;  ESG2)        Overview of the Labor Markets

Chapter   3      (PPT3;  ESG3)        The Demand for Labor

Chapter   4      (PPT4;  ESG4)        Labor Demand Elasticities

Chapter   5      (PPT5;  ESG5)        Quasi-fixed Labor Costs and Their Effects on Demand

Chapter   6      (PPT6;  ESG6)        Supply of Labor to the Economy:  The Decision to Work

Chapter   7      (PPT7;  ESG7)        Labor Supply:  Household Production, the Family, &  Life Cycle

Chapter   8      (PPT8;  ESG8)        Compensating Wage Differentials and Labor Markets

Chapter   9      (PPT9;  ESG9)        Investments in Human Capital:  Education and Training

Chapter 10      (PPT10;  ESG10)    Worker Mobility:  Migration, Immigration and Turnover

Chapter 11      (PPT11;  ESG11)    Pay and Productivity:  Wage Determination within the Firm

Chapter 12      (PPT12;  ESG12)    Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in the Labor Market

Chapter 13      (PPT13;  ESG13)    Unions and the Labor Market

Chapter 14      (PPT14;  ESG14)    Inequality in Earnings

Chapter 15      (PPT15;  ESG15)    Unemployment