Welcome to the Wildlife Ecology Lab! Research in my lab is driven by an underlying interest in understanding how habitat selection and movement shape wildlife distributions and abundances. We use the findings from our research to inform conservation and management strategies at different spatial and temporal scales. We study songbirds, bats and small terrestrial mammals at spatial scales ranging from microhabitat to landscape to answer questions about how changes in the landscape, development of renewable energy sources and emerging diseases influence wildlife. You will find us anywhere from riparian forests and agricultural fields in Illinois to coastal scrub in Alabama to mangroves and subtropical forests of the Yucatan Peninsula and Cuba. Because the ecological processes we study are inherently complex, we collaborate with faculty and students from other disciplines, especially biology, geography, atmospheric science, computer science and engineering. We work with a broad range of partners, including universities, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and private land owners in the United States, Mexico and Cuba.