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Ball State University, B.S., Economics and Finance, 1985.
North Carolina State University, Ph.D., Economics, 1994.

Working Papers:

Clark, Robert L. and Linda S. Ghent. "Mandatory Retirement and Faculty Retirement Decisions," November 2006. (Forthcoming, Industrial Relations .)

Ghent, Linda S. and Alan P. Grant. "Are Voting and Buying Behavior Consistent? An Examination of the South Carolina Education Lottery," November 2006. (Forthcoming, Public Finance Review.)

Ghent, Linda S. and Alan P. Grant. "The Demand for Lottery Products and Their Distributional Consequences," February 2007. (Under review at National Tax Journal.)

Ghent, Linda S. "Worker Payments and Incentives: A Classroom Experiment," July 2007. (Under review at Journal of Economic Education.)

Links to Courses:

Fall 2007:
ECN 3875 - Health Economics
ECN 4802 - Intermediate Microeconomics
ECN 5491 - Problems in Labor Economics