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Primary Source Collections (available through Booth Library or freely accessible)

[Most of these collections have a lot of material post 1760; we are most interested in the 17th and early 18th centuries; see also these links]: ->

  1. Digital Image Collections
    1. Lewis Walpole Library Digital Image Collection (searching by call number researches by year, thus 760 = 1760; sparse before 1700.
    2. William Hogarth and 18th-Century Print Culture
    3. British Printed Images to 1700
  2. Ballad Collections
    1. Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads
    2. English Broadside Ballad Archive
  3. Broadsides
    1. Hugh Armory, comp., Bute Broadsides in the Houghton Library, Harvard University. Guide and Index to the Microfilm Collection (Research Publications, 1981) [EIU Z1231.B7A46] and microfilm reel [EIU Z1231.B7B87x.MFILM].
    2. The Word on the Street (Scottish broadsides)
  4. Newsbooks, newspapers, journals
    1. British Periodicals (EIU, go through Booth Library, History Databases)
    2. EEBO, Thomason Tract Periodicals (EIU, go through Booth Library, History Databases)
    3. Early English Newspapers (nos. 1170 Domestick Intelligence, 1679-81 & 1681-82; 1182 True Protestant Mercury, 1680-82; 1190 Loyal Protestant, 1681-83; 1095 Diverting Post 1704-07 [EIU Per AP3.E37x MFILM]
    4. London Gazette, 1665–present! (“search the archive”)
  5. Pamphlets
    1. EEBO (printed books, pamphlets, broadsides, pre-1700, and a few later, EIU, go through Booth Library, History Databases)
    2. Google Books through Google nGram Viewer
    3. English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC; to identify books, often with links direct to EEBO)

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