Diffusion Pump Pictures


Here are some pictures of the diffusion pump in various stages of the spectrometer construction. The black handle at the top of the pump in some pictures is for a butterfly valve that can be used to isolate the diff pump from the spectrometer chamber. This is useful if you want to vent the chamber without letting the diff pump cool down first.


In the picture below, the rectangular thing (with the blue sticker) in the foreground is a valve for choosing whether the roughing pump pumps through the diffusion pump or through the chamber. The chamber is sitting on the plywood at the top of the pump (the pump hangs from the chamber). The bent metal hose at the front of the picture (on the right side) is the foreline, which connects the diff pump to the roughing pump. The pump measures about 18 from top to bottom with an ISO63 (63 mm) fitting at the top.


This angle shows the black handle for the butterfly valve.