Barry Joel Kronenfeld
Assistant Professor, Geographic Information Science
Department of Geology/Geography
Eastern Illinois University

Software and Scripts
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Teaching: top

Recently, I've taught the following courses:

  • GEO 3885: Quantitative Methods in Geography
  • GEO 4910: GIS Programming
  • GEO 5810: Introduction to Geographic Information Science
  • GEO 5830: Building Geodatabases
  • GEO 5880: Geospatial Data Models

Software, scripts and other materials used in my classes can be found by following the links at the top of the page.

Research: top

My research focuses on techniques for spatial representation, analysis and visualization. In the abstract, I am interested in how we as humans make sense of infinitely complex landscape patterns & processes, and how we utilize computers to help us do this. Some of my current research projects include:

  • cognitive design of density-equalizing maps (cartograms)
  • analysis of spatial association/interaction between categories of events
  • spatial clustering and scan statistics

Areas of application include epidemiology, crime analysis and historical ecology using presettlement land survey records of the U.S. General Land Office and colonial surveys.

If you are curious, feel free to check out my:

(last updated June 2017)