Department of Geology/Geography, Eastern Illinois University

Barry Joel Kronenfeld
Assistant Professor, Geographic Information Science
Department of Geology/Geography
Eastern Illinois University

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Teaching: top

Recently, I've taught the following courses:

GEG/ESC 3200: Human Impact on the Landscape
GEG 3800: Introduction to Cartography
GEG 3810/5810: GIS I
GEG 5590: GIS Modeling Seminar

Click here for links to GIS data and other web resources for class exercises.

Research: top

I am broadly interested in two areas: GIS modeling and historical ecology.

GIS Modeling

How are infinitely complex landscape patterns & processes captured in finite computer models, and how can we maximize information about the real world in our GIS? Some examples of my research include modeling gradation between ecoregions, estimating density from point-to-point distances and measuring interactions between point populations.

Historical Ecology

How do human activities alter landscapes at geographic scales? I am especially interested in the landscape pattern of North America prior to European and Euro-American settlement, as captured by presettlement land survey records of the General Land Office and colonial surveys.



For the most up-to-date list of my publications, visit my Google Scholar profile. I am also (slowly) posting PDF files of my papers to The Keep.

(last updated January 2013)