Current Graduate Students

Sarah Hucksarah
Flathead Catfish (Pylodictis olivaris) Movement on the Wabash River (Expected Graduation: Fall 2013).She is assessing habitat preference, range, large scale movements, small scale movements, and diel movements of flathead catfish in the Wabash River.

  Vaskar Nepal KC
Demographics of Commercially Exploited Population of Shovelnose Sturgeon in the Lower Wabash River (Expected Graduation: May 20
14). He is studying the population characteristics of the fish in the River. He is also assessing the optimal harvest of the fish as well as the diet structure of the fish in the River.

Ryan Hastings
Impact of Dam Removal on Fish and Macroinvertebrate Community Assemblage (Expected Graduation: May 2014). He is assessing fish and macroinvertebrate assemblages as well as physical habitat at Vermilion River prior to dam removal.

Manisha PantManisha
Impacts of Restoration on Fishes, Macroinvertebrates, and Physical Habitat in Kickapoo Creek, Charleston, IL (Expected Graduation: May 2014). She is assessing the impacts of instream habitat restoration on the fish and macroinvertebrate assemblages in the Creek. She is also studying the changes in the physical habitat of the creek.

Sharon RayfordSharon
Assessment of Larval and Young of Year Sport Fish Assemblages in the Wabash River (Expected Graduation: May 2014). She is assessing larval assemblages between habitat types and across seasons in the Wabash River. She is also surveying small bodied fishes in the River to compare community composition across the seasons and habitat types.

Clint MorgesonClint
Reproductive Success of Silver Carp in Tributaries of the Illinois River
(Expected Graduation: May 2015). He is  studying the spawning and recruitment of invasive Asian Carps in tributaries of the Illinois River.

Current Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates are helping graduates students in both field work and lab work. Some of them are doing their own research also.
Evan Ashley
Evan Boone Ashley Stanley Steven Castiglia


 Joe McDonald
He is a research technician helping mainly with lab and field work.

Past Graduate Students

Candice Name: Candice Miller
Research: Comparing the Demographics of White Crappie Populations from Three Central Illinois Reservoirs
Graduated: December 2011
Current Status: PhD Candidate at Oklahoma State University
john Name:John West
Research: Impacts of Stream Habitat Restoration on the Fish and Macroinvertebrate Assemblages
Graduated: May 2013
Current Status: Fish Biologist at Missouri Department of Conservation
Name: Cassi Moody Carpenter
Research: Demographics of the Flathead Catfish in the Wabash River
Graduated: May 2013
Current Status: Faculty Research Assistant at Eastern Illinois University
anthony Name: Anthony Porreca
Research: Impacts of a Thermal Effluent on Largemouth Bass Spawning
Graduated: May 2012
Current Status: PhD Candidate at Southern Illinois University
Jason Name: Jason Stuck
Research: Comparing the Demographics of the Silver Carp in the Illinois and Wabash Rivers
Graduated: May 2012
Current Status: Shellfish Biologist at South Carolina Fish and Game
Name: Amanda Wildenberg
Research: Impacts of Waste Water Effluent on Freshwater Mussel Population
Graduated: May 2014 (Expected)
Current Status: 

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